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Mine Respirable Dust and DPM

GWMT has extensive experience in evaluating and improving mine dust and DPM conditions. Latest approaches use real time personal respirable dust and DPM measurements. Under a recent ACARP grants GWMT have trialled a United States NIOSH developed real time personal dust or DPM exposures. It can be used to improve productivity by evaluation of engineering dust or DPM controls and improvements such as sprays, scrubbers and miner positions.

The accurate belt-mounted personal monitor continuously measures a miner’s personal exposure to respirable dust or DPM in mg/m³ and reports cumulative, current and projected information to the miner in numeric and graphical formats. At the end of the working shift, mine personnel can download detailed respirable dust or DPM exposure for further analysis. The monitor offers lower per sample costs than the current gravimetric sampling method. The TEOM microbalance provides microgram mass measurement sensitivity in the harsh mining environment.

The Rupprecht & Patashnick Personal Dust Monitor
The Rupprecht & Patashnick Personal Dust Monitor

Personal Dust Monitor Display
Personal Dust Monitor Display



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