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Fire Simulation

Simulation of mine fires using VENTGRAPH mine fire software has the great advantage that underground mine fire scenarios can be analysed and visualised to control fire contaminants and maintain safe escapeways.

VENTGRAPH software provides a dynamic representation of the fire's progress (in real-time) and utilises a colour graphic visualisation of the spread of combustion products throughout the ventilation system. During the simulation session the user can interact with the ventilation system, introduce inert gases and change fan characteristics. These changes can be simulated quickly allowing for the testing of various fire-control and suppression strategies.

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An individual mine model is built and then used for simulating mine fire development scenarios. Extensive training package for emergency evacuation exercises have been developed.

Operation of an inertisation unit requires preplanning in terms of infrastructure requirements for a surface portal docking station and access for operating personnel, fuel, water and other operating requirements. GWMT is currently working on an inertisation ACARP funded project.



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